Fluid Transfer Pump

Fluid Transfer Pump

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Just perfect
from Anonymous on 08/11/2017
Wish I had bought one of these years ago. Other fluid transfer products are very expensive.
This fluid transfer pump from fourby.co.UK is great and also a great price, I will be buying another one - one for the main gearbox and one for the transfer box.
No more messy driveway as it screws straight onto the container.
It also has a retaining clip so the tube won't fall out of the filler hole in gearbox.
Fluid Transfer Pump
from Anonymous on 30/10/2017
This pump is a very handy addition to my barn tools, I have only used it to decant oil from a 20 Gal drum into a smaller container, but it is so much better than struggling with a large slippery drum, with a lot of the oil spilling on the floor, I have yet to re fill my diffs, but I am sure it will make that task a lot less effort than squeezing out of an EP90 bottle !
from Anonymous on 20/09/2017
It made the job so much easier the only problem it didnt reach the bottom of the oil bottle
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