120w Solar Panel

120w Solar Panel

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This 120w portable folding solar panel with handle is ideal for use for your vehicle, motorhome, caravan or boat and has the following features:

High quality rugged design versatile hail proof panels

Waterproof regulator - Aluminium frame

12v regulator and solar controller - High quality crystalline cells

Night light controller - Compact size, folding for easy storage and transit

2 adjustable support legs allow adjustment to find best angle for maximum sunshine

Cable complete with crocodile clips

Maximum power 120w

Maximum power voltage 18v

Maximum power current 6.66A

Open circuit voltage 21.6v

Short circuit current 7.32A

Folded size: 824mm x 542mm x 76mm

Open size: 824mm x 1086mm x 36mm

Nett weight 12.5kg


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