Defender USB Centre Switch Panel

Defender USB Centre Switch Panel

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Land Rover Defender Auxiliary Centre Dashboard Switch Panel


Lots of Land Rover owners want to have additional auxiliary features to their vehicle, especially if they intend on taking their vehicle off-road or on an expedition overland trip.


However, if you want to have lights on your light bar, a winch, a split charge system, a Kenlowe fan, recovery beacons or work lights etc, you?ll hit a problem??.There is a lack of dash space to fit your auxiliary electric switches. 


Fourby has manufactured this sleek, dash panel as a direct replacement for the OEM Defender panel.


The panel is made from stainless steel


We designed the panel to incorporate 3 x 16A, round, 20mm LED rocker switches which we include with the switch panel. One in each of the colours: Red, Amber, Green

Then we added a 3Amp USB power supply, that's plenty of charge for your iPad, satnav or phone.


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