Ghillie Kettle 1.5 Litre Adventurer

Ghillie Kettle 1.5 Litre Adventurer

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5stars brilliant product
from Anonymous on 30/07/2016
Really quick boiling , easy to use .briliant bit of kit . Keep it in the back of the car with a small bundle of tender and can make a cups anywhere.
Superb kit
from Anonymous on 21/06/2015
Ghillie kettles are simply fantastic. Just look at the reviews everywhere.

Only down side is that they can be tricky to get going sometimes, can need a lot of supervision if yore boiling multiple batches and it can sometimes be tricky to find sufficient dry fuel in wet weather. In dry and even windy conditions though they can boil up as fast as an electric kettle.
from Anonymous on 28/08/2014
we are a family of 3, well 4 with the Ghillie Kettle, with 3 dogs, The GK goes everywhere with us from the beach hut, beach, in the middle of no where, high up in the mountains, nature reserves and of course the forest whilst collecting pine cones for fuel, come rain or shine the GK works fantastically! We have had numerous cups of hot chocolate, coffees and teas our newest member of our family has never let us down. we decided to add to the collection and purchase a cook set and yet again works perfectly cooking bacon, sausages, beans and hot dogs it amazes all of our friends
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