Customer ratings for Ultrabright Discovery/Defender CREE XPL LED Headlight Bulbs

Ultrabright Discovery/Defender CREE XPL LED Headlight Bulbs
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CREE XPL ultrabright LED headlight Upgrade Bulbs for Land Rover Discovery: 200tdi / 300tdi & TD5 (pre facelift)

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Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 4.8
from Roger Vergouwe on 16/10/2017
Simple. Easy. A lot of light.
Top class
from Anonymous on 20/04/2017
Very impressed with theses bulbs very good white light rather than yellow from traditional bulbs a great beam pattern and a good pattern between high and low beam that other led builds and some light units don't do would highly recommend as a upgrade
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 04/04/2017
Fantastic light output from these beauties, don't hesitate. If your in the marketplace for some uprated bulbs you won't go wrong with these.
Great light output, hasn't lasted :-(
from Anonymous on 30/03/2017
Bought these in Jan 2016. After playing around with the rubber housings on the back of the headlamps, got them fitted and was very impressed and happy with the light output. Very crisp and bright. Took the truck to my friendly MOT man and he was also happy. He said that the pattern was not as defined as a standard bulb, but was within tolerance. Happy days.
Here we are in Mar 2017, and one of the lamps has started to lose LEDs. The CREEs on one of the units have started to fail. First, just one or two fail, but soon after the others go the same way. Given the price, and the expectation that LEDs should last 1000's of hours, I am feeling a little disappointed.
Excellent output and fast delivery
from Anonymous on 16/11/2016
Quick delivery easy to fit and super bright made my d2 look better and have better vision on the road would highly recommend these
Excellent light output and beam pattern
from Anonymous on 04/11/2016
Fitted these to a TD5 Defender and the result was very impressive, much better than any "high power" filament bulb on the market and to date no-one has flashed me because I'm blinding them. Note that if your vehicle has the dim/dip circuitry fitted then turning on the sidelights will also turn on the headlamps' dip beam at full power, as the "dim" voltage (around 10V) is enough to switch on the non-dimmable LED bulbs. I would recommend these to anyone who has a headlamp with an H4 bulb fitting.

One final point; one of my LED drivers was faulty on delivery, but a brief phone call to Fourby and a replacement unit was put in the post. Great service.
Excellent and nice quality
from Anonymous on 20/10/2016
Fitted to Discovery 2, pre face lift.
Excellent light output, nice white light and correct beam pattern as confirmed by MOT center the next day, after small adjustment downwards. A quick solution to better lighting without wiring mods. Less current consumption and cooler running for the reflectors than HID. I had to easily remove the headlights to fit the bulbs because of the limited clearance between the valance, also I could not work out how to use the original sealing boots so sealed the holes with silicone sealant instead. Only problem, I tried to order a second set but the price tripled after check out. Confusing.
An excellent upgrade to lighting, quick and easy
from Anonymous on 24/07/2016
Very fast to swap over the H4 original halogen bulbs for these new units on my Defender 300Tdi, as nothing behind to impede access. I have found that the dip-beam cut-off requires two turns downwards in the vertical plane, horizontal is fine. Having tried these in anger the other night, might possibly get away with a single turn back up again, although the dip cut-off is not quite as well defined as the halogens. Light output and temperature is excellent!
from Anonymous on 25/06/2016
Land Rover Defender straight swap for the standard bulbs I had but the light is amazing . My mot tester has no issues with them . 3rd set in us in the family cars all good. Service first class thanks
Very good
from Anonymous on 01/03/2016
So far so good far far better than the h4 halogens they
Replaced with a crisp bright white light.
Beam pattern is good not as sharp a cut off point as a HID
gives but at least as good as any "normal" lamp
I have used.
My only unknowns are how water resistant the cooler units
On the back of the lamps are in off road use
And the longevity of the lamps.
huge improvement in light but .....
from Anonymous on 04/02/2016
huge improvement in brightness although the beam is not very well defined and does appear to bleed and light up areas well outside the normal light pattern when ordinary H4 bulbs are fitted. it may be interesting at mot time i fear, in my case anyway.
i too as in other reviews would of liked to have been made aware that the rubber sealing bungs do not fit easily with these units fitted.
from Anonymous on 01/02/2016
Like night and day - I can see. Its a miracle! Really love these bulbs. The light temperature is spot on for daylight and the overall illumination is much better.
from Anonymous on 01/02/2016
driving to work at night time was always a bit of an issue as the old head lamp bulbs were like a pair of candles behind glass but with these new LED CREE bulbs all the uncertainty has vanished, the big test will come in 2 weeks when I'm off skiing and will be driving through the night on unlite French roads
Great value & huge improvement in lighting
from Anonymous on 26/01/2016
Super fast service arrived the day after ordering. Simple to fit, brilliant output. Very happy
Excellent produc
from Anonymous on 25/01/2016
Excellent product and fantastic service will definitely recommend to people and thank you
1st rate
from Anonymous on 11/01/2016
visibility is vastly improved
Brilliant, literally
from Anonymous on 09/01/2016
Ordered on Monday, delivered on Thursday, Fitted on Saturday.
These are very good quality bulbs with a brilliant white light that is far superior to the 80/100W bulbs that I was using.
Fitting is not straightforward as, at first glance, it would appear that you cannot use the rubber seal. However the bulb unit is a bayonet fitting into the metal 3 pronged H4 fitting and can separated to allow the seal to be fitted once the H4 bracket is located into the headlight. I had to cut the middle of the seal down slightly to make it fit but once in place the bulb unit can be slotted into the hole.
Obviously removing the headlight is a must to do this.
Considering the cost of good quality standard bulbs these are worth every penny.
from Anonymous on 07/01/2016
Delivered and fitted 6/1/2016 put just one in then switched Head lights on to see difference well impressed put other one in and waited till it got dark so I could go out and see what they are like unbelievable its like having a pair of aircraft landing lights lights the road up like daylight my 100watt 10inch spot on the front look like sidelights to compared to headlights definitely recommend
very highly
from Anonymous on 01/01/2016
firstly , fourby sent these out very fast and i had them before xmas. on opening the box my first impressions were , wow ,these look fantastic. they are very well made and look like they will last a long, long time. they wee very easy to fit . once fitted they needed a little adjustment but once done i found they gave a good , quite well defined pattern with agood amount of light cast to the sides . i think it helped that i had recently fitted new headlights aswell . overall i am very pleased with the led bulbs and as fourby sold out very shortly after i posted a video in face book , so are other people who bought them.
from Anonymous on 31/12/2015
Really easy plug-and-play with no tools required.
I would have liked more info regarding the fact that the OEM rubber seal (at the back of the headlamp unit) will not fit over the LED lamps but I'm hoping to be able to modify them.
The overall lighting improvement is, well, 'night and day'. Highly recommended!
from Anonymous on 29/12/2015
2nd pair I've bought, fantastic upgrade.
LED headlights without the LED price tag !
Proper beam pattern too ..... Buy them, you won't be disappointed
very good
from Anonymous on 24/12/2015
very easy to fit . very bright . good beam pattern . very pleased .recommend highly
Very good
from Anonymous on 18/12/2015
Vast improvement over halogen bulbs. A nice 'proper' beam pattern too, unlike some cheap makes.
from Anonymous on 02/12/2015
Ordered on a Friday morning - received next day. Excellent upgrade for any H4 bulb, brilliant white light that improves safety immensely. Makes everything stand out more, especially road signs and hi vis eg cyclists
excellent - both in quality and value for money
from Anonymous on 17/11/2015
great bulbs. planted them and they came up lovely.

apart from that, incredibly bright and easy to fit.