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The Bush Pig 'BushBraai'

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The Bush Pig is fast gaining a reputation for the best overland Bbq you could have on board, We love ours! 
The Bush Pig Bush Braai is a South African Design, not made from cheap pressed tin like many other similar offerings out there, but a properly folded and welded technical steel construction.
At just 7 kilograms, it is fairly lightweight easily portable and was designed for easy stowage and carrying in vehicles.
This makes them ideal for overland travel applications where a rugged tough item is needed and equally versatile for throwing in your vehicle for picnics, beach BBQ?s or just using at home in the garden. 
The Bush Pig brand is synoymous with high quality and durability. To prove it they'll even run it over with a Land Rover!
Many campsites allow open fires if elevated from the ground, the BushPig was designed so that you will leave no trace or your fire behind.
The Bushpig comes complete with legs, lid,  and standard grill.
The grill can be removed when cooking with a dutch oven or left on when cooking with a flat bottom pot. The available cooking area is 500mm x 250mm (50cm x 25cm) or (20inch x 10inch).
When you have finished cooking the unit can be used as a Fire box/pit to provide warmth.
In the evening when it's time to go to bed the lid can be put back on to prevent hot ash and embers blowing onto your tent or any combustible material.
NEVER EVER take a BBQ into an enclosed space ? Carbon Monoxide Kills!
Stainless steel grill and Carry bag are optional extras ? Not included with the purchase of a Bushpig Braai.




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The Bush Pig 'BushBraai'  - Carry Bag The Bush Pig 'BushBraai' - Carry Bag
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4.25ltr Dutch Oven 4.25ltr Dutch Oven
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8ltr Large Dutch Oven 8ltr Large Dutch Oven
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£25.00 *
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