Streetwize portable jump starter and powerbank

Streetwize portable jump starter and powerbank

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A powerful but compact 12v, 400Amp-(peak) emergency jump starter for most 12v vehicles and power bank that provides hours of portable power via the USB charging port ideal for charging laptops, mobile phones, or tablets etc. Perfect for camping or long journeys!

The Streetwize portable jump starter and power bank contains a powerful yet compact high density battery with LED battery level indicators, making this smaller and lighter than many other portable power packs. Complete with a durable plastic protective carry case making it easy to store and keep tidy in your car or at home.

The portable 400amp jump starting capability makes it ideal for anyone needing to jump start vehicles regularly. It is extremely easy to use with colour coded positive and negative jump leads. It is also complete with detailed operating instructions.

The full contents of the portable jump starter, power bank & accessory kit includes;

  • 400Amp, 14000mAh portable power bank.
  • 12v positive & negative jump leads.
  • Ultra-bright built-in LED light with Flashlight, Strobe Light, & SOS Signal.
  • 15v input charging socket.
  • 19v, 12v & 12v jump start output sockets.
  • Assorted 4 in 1 mobile & tablet charging cables.
  • 240v mains charging plug.
  • 12v in-car, cigarette lighter charging plug.
  • Interchangeable power leads with 8 adapters for charging laptops & alike.
  • Durable plastic protective carry case with foam compartments.

On a full charge the portable power pack has enough power capacity to start an engine up to 20 times, the 12-volt USB charging port can simultaneously charge two mobile or portable devices at the same time.

To ensure that your car, your portable devices and your portable jump starter power bank are all kept in good working order, this jump starter features extensive built-in power-flow protection. This in-cludes overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and overcharge protection.

The 14,000mAh battery pack will keep you going and going and going, and with a lifespan of 1000+ charge cycles, you can keep it in your vehicle and rely on it for all your trips and road adventures all year round.


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