50w Portable Folding Solar Panel

50w Portable Folding Solar Panel

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This 40w (2 x 25w) portable folding solar panel is ideal for use with your 4x4 - motorhome - caravan - boat - yacht 

Rugged design versatile high quality hail proof panels - Waterproof regulator

  • Aluminium frame with handle - Regulator and solar controller
  • High quality crystalline cells - Night light controller
  • Compact size, folding for easy storage and transit
  • 2 adjustable support legs for adjusting to achieve best angle for maximum sunshine
  • Cable complete with crocodile clips
  • Maximum power 50w
  • Maximum power voltage 18v
  • Maximum power current 4.44A
  • Open circuit voltage 21.6v
  • Short circuit current 4.88A
  • Folded size: 551mm x 542mm x 76mm
  • Open size: 551mm x 1086mm x 36mm
  • Nett weight: 9 kgs
  • IP65 waterproof  - 3.2mm high transmission low iron tempered glass


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