Heavy Duty Breakaway Cable

Heavy Duty Breakaway Cable

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Extra Heavy Duty Breakaway Cable for Caravans, Overland Trailers, Sankey Trailers or Plant Trailers. 

The cable is made from 3mm multi-strand galvanised wire with a protective red pvc sheathing. 

At one end - the "vehicle end" - there is a galvanised carabina. At the "trailer end" a cadmium plated spring fitting is there. 

The cable is 1.0 metre long & around 5mm diameter, suitable for any trailer particularly the larger 3500kgs ones. 

If your trailer becomes unhitched from the towing vehicle these will apply the brakes before snapping - that is why they are a legal requirement on all braked trailers.

Failure to have a properly attached & functioning breakaway cable on your caravan or trailer could invite a £60.00 fixed penalty notice & 4 points from those nice people at VOSA or the Police.

These are every bit as strong as the Knott Cables supplied by Ifor Williams, Bateson, Graham Edwards & Indespension 

These Cables are manufactured by the same company who make them for Indespension.


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