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Customer ratings for Boost Ring® - for 200Tdi & 300Tdi

Boost Ring® - for 200Tdi & 300Tdi
Price , plus delivery

The Original Boost Ring® More power to the TDi - Boost Ring Kit - Timing Advance Spacer for Land Rover 200Tdi & 300Tdi

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can be shipped within 3-5 days

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Number of ratings: 51
Average rating: 4.9
Three packages in recent days. All products excellent & very fast delivery.
from Huw on 06/11/2020
very good
from Anonymous on 01/11/2020
review now after a test period, exceptional result, I also have the boost pin and the knurled wheel lowered by 2 laps, no smoke and the car has changed a lot, a pleasure to drive it now, very responsive the accelerator pedal, very satisfied.
very good
from Vincenzo La Manna on 11/10/2020
assembly a little difficult, I replaced the two allen screws, with two studs and relative hexagonal nuts, much simpler, because the studs keep everything in the guide, then the nuts are tightened comfortably
Very good
from Ian on 15/07/2020
Easy to fit, smoothed out the running of my 200TDI. Fourby very helpful in answering my questions, 200TDI pump slightly differnet from 300TDI, it has just one spring.
Very good
from Pedro on 17/06/2020
Great product, a simple way to add more bhp
from Chris on 15/06/2020
Very good, adds more power without effecting fuel economy much. and not that expensive A bit fiddly to fit but patience and the right tools are helpful.
Highly. Seems excellent.
from Steven Price on 31/05/2020
Fitting is nice and easy. You need to be careful removing your old bolts.
The kit comes with everything you need. Even a sticker which is a nice touch. It's all very well packaged. Simple instructions online to follow or a video if you're not sure.
I had to use the cable tie method for refitting due to shaky hands.
I fitted it with 3 shims it came with. Plus the 2 I already had. Its reduced alot of the smoking from the boost pin being fitted. Will look into removing a shim or 2 to try. Looking into an Egt now.
from Neil matthews on 22/03/2020
boost ring fitted along with boost pin and lift pump spacer has made a huge difference in the driving of my 300TDI
Was bit fiddly to get bolts out but cut down an allen key and it was no bother after that
Will be ordering more bits to increase performance and once all together will be spot on
from Tim on 04/03/2020
easy to install with the right tools.. it´s just a bit tricky when it comes get the springs back in position.
from Jonathan Spiteri on 28/01/2020
from Jonathan Spiteri on 28/01/2020
great service, and one off the best is that you can see videos, almost for each product on you tube.
from Luke on 22/09/2019
A simple but clever performance enhancement device. Cheap and dead easy to install. Why would you not fit one?
very well made
from phil coles on 08/08/2019
My injection pump was already removed so very easy to fit
Good product in good quality.
from Chris Greve on 02/05/2019
The video how to install the boost ring on my car, was really good.
As described
from Jan Bakker on 12/03/2019
Its gives a better and cleaner exhaustgas than fiddling arround with just delivery rate/ starwheel adjustments and /or the smoke adjustment screw. Follow the Fourby instruction and by mounting the Boost pin and the Boostring you get what is described. When mounting the Boostring it will make it more easy to use some f.e. sticky vasaline on the fanges and O ring preventing it not to fall apart while mounting it on te EV pump.
Nicely made with everything required to fit, but not suited to my use.
from Jim on 03/03/2019
Product as described, but the extra advance does make extra combustion knock at a small part of the rev range.
Unfortunately, this is the RPM where my 300TDI 110 (with 255/85R16s on a 1.4:1 transfer case) sits most of the 15 miles to work in the 50mph speed limit, and consequently I removed it a couple of days later to reduce noise.
That said, driving around lanes and urban areas etc, the engine does not sit at this RPM for prolonged periods, so for most drivers the issue I experienced will probably not be cause for concern.
Get one, just do it!
from Mats on 21/11/2018
This is bang for the bucks... Quality and great product!
Easy install and exellent help from the Fourby team.
I bought the Boost Pin and Boost Ring together and it is worth paying a bit extra.. My only regrett is that i didn’t get this done long time a go.
from Anonymous on 17/08/2018
On my LD 300Tdi with 265.000 km on the clock the Boost Ring does exactly what the producer claims it should. More power, engine runs smoother, reaction on gas pedal gets better by far. Together with the Boost Pin the engine pulls definitely stronger on low as on high revs.
Well worth it
from Anonymous on 11/07/2018
I fitted the boost ring as the only performance mod to my defender 200tdi. The difference is incredible - night and day ! Ok it's no ferrari but it is smoother, more responsive and much quicker. My only issue was getting the original torx t30 bolts out, but the kit comes with replacement hex ones so I chiselled them off in the end. I was worried the car may smoke on acceleration, but nothing - it's fine. I would recommend.
from Anonymous on 16/06/2018
Noticed a huge difference in boost with my 110 defender. Would recommend also getting the boost pin for a better performance.
will recommend your products to any body with a landrover 300tdi engine.
from Anonymous on 03/06/2018
well fitted the boost pin and the boost ring i cannot believe the difference in the discovery towing the caravan is a dream.i am well pleased with both products .
and the 300tdi is still good on fuel.will recommend your products to any body with a landrover 300tdi engine.
Good to GO.....FAST!
from Beau O’Steen on 14/05/2018
Great service....great products....got “across he pond” to me here in South Carolina faster than many things I buy here in the states. Keep up the good work, ya’ll!!
very good
from Anonymous on 20/04/2018
I fitted one of these boost rings to my 200tdi lightweight and the difference was instantly noticeable. The engine feels smoother and pulls stronger. I have just ordered a boost pin to go with it. The installation is fairly straight forward if you are a mechanic. However on the 200tdi engine because the cap on the fuel pump is held on with rubbish torx screws [ as stated in the video ] which are not the easiest things to get at without damaging the head of the screw, I found the easiest way to get at them was by removing the adjacent breather cover from the engine. This then gave easy access to the torx screws which although tight came undone without stripping the bit where you insert the torx key or socket drive .Reinstallation with the cap screws provided was no problem. A straightforward job that just took a bit longer than expected. Very pleased.
Very good
from Basil Fanahawe on 15/04/2018
After installing the Boost ring , I had my 90 loaded with my trailer so the combination was fairly heavy , and I found that the power increase was noticeable , I was very impressed with how much crisper the engine ran ,it felt just like a reconditioned injector pump , the smoke was decreased and it pulled better on the hills .
from Anonymous on 15/03/2018
Hi Ms Cope I would like to inform you that I am pleased with the boost ring.It is very simple to install but as I have a friend of mine who is a diesel pump and injectors expert who understood how it works exactly so I was knowing what I was doing.the boost ring works fine.in my 200tdi defender I had only one spring and one shim and I just done the ring wit two extra shims .the response was impressive and no engine chattering noises and smoke.if you do less shims the engine might chatters like when it is overadvanced from the timing.best regards
Boost Ring
from Anonymous on 10/03/2018
Yesterday we installed the boost pin as well as the boost ring and the both do indeed give al lot more poweroutput . Iḿ very satisfied with these products. Laer this year weŕe going to make a 4x4 trip to macedonia and we will send you some fotographs of that
top rate
from simon james on 28/02/2018
after watching the you-tube on how to install, it was very easy to fit
It has made an overall improvement to engines pulling power and top speed. very impressed
great simple modification
from Anonymous on 13/02/2018
just fitted it took half an hour to fit. fitted boost pin had slight smoke under load. just taken it for a spin the smoke has gone and it feels more responsive throughout the gears, pulls stronger mid range. would recommend this simple mod alongside the boost pin...
Four star
from Anonymous on 04/02/2018
Top Tip, do not try and fit this over a gravel drive...If necessary, put a tarp down first to catch the shims / springs if needed.

Have fitted mine with 3 Shims in place, I have had a boost pin fitted for the last 2 years. There is a difference at higher revs, I notice it most about 50 to 55MPH it feels smoother. Next step is to remove a shim and see how that feels.
from Anonymous on 04/02/2018
Easy to fit pin and ring, simple, clear instructions. Very subtle improvement, significant power increase, engine feels snappier at all revs. Appears to have actually reduced the amount of smoke! Very happy, recommended def, do Fourby do any other 300 tweaks?
Big thanx
Well made.
from brett66 on 03/02/2018
Been in a couple of days and is definitely allowing the motor to rev up quicker in the higher register. Has given the 300tdi a little more top end power. Instillation is quite fiddly but doable.
from Anonymous on 31/01/2018
Excellent addition to the boost pin with larger intercooler.
from Anonymous on 26/01/2018
Easy to fit ,I have the Bosh boost pin and now I can see the difference again, It is only necessary to make some adjustments in the pump and the turbo to have the best performance, very easy for any mechanic
from Martin Wallace on 20/01/2018
Bit fiddly on 200tdi to fit but well worth it transformed the motor fitted with a fuel pin makes the motor fairly lively through all the Rev range now I’ve just got to fiddle with the shiming to get it just right but fantastic so far another quality fourby product thanks
Great ! Really made a different defender seems to have more power for less throttle input and feels smoother, going to try a boost pin next
from Anonymous on 13/01/2018
from Anonymous on 12/01/2018
Easy to fit and set up,especially as the video explained everything and LRO featured it this month.
Drop in replacement which really made a difference
from Anonymous on 06/12/2017
Was a little fiddly to fit on my 200 tdi due to some very stuck bolts. My 200 tdi only had a single spring which i believe is common, so don't worry if the video showed 2 springs. I left all 3 washers in and it made a massive difference to the performance. No visible smoke on my stock pump and a nice increase in power. I've since installed the boost pin too which made a difference but not as much as the ring did.. Go get one!
good product
from Anonymous on 26/11/2017
notice an improvement midrange where I need it, thanks
Great, easy to install
from Anonymous on 02/11/2017
Definitely feel the change with my 300 TDI. Superb service and great craftsmanship. Well done.
from kevin dixon on 31/10/2017
Fitting is easy enough results are astounding. car is smoother to drive and pulls easyier. economy also improves as your not having to thrash engine all the time
from Anonymous on 27/10/2017
Fitted this and Morgan Hill boost pin to my Range Rover Classic 300 tdi and the result is incredible!!! I didnt have to tweak the pump..no black smoke..fitting the boost ring it’s not very easy because you need to remove the Ac compressor to get enough space to mount it..
from Anonymous on 15/10/2017
fitted to my 300 tdi ccv truck and it pulls like a v8
from James Barlow on 13/10/2017
Fantastic old fashioned customer service. Which makes a change. Package arrived as promised without any problems. The Boost ring kit is of a good quality and everything fitted as per the very informative Youtube video.
Well done to all of the Fourby team. I look forward to using your services again and I will be recommending you to others.
Please keep up the good work and quality of your products.
Absolutely awesome
from Anonymous on 05/09/2017
My 200tdi Defender has never gone so well! What a transformation. I am so impressed with the quality of this product, no smoke but plenty of poke! I've already ordered the boost pin to go with it, thanks for the fast delivery Fourby. Will be back for more!
Love it!!
from Anonymous on 08/08/2017
Fitted it onto the fuel pump of a 200Tdi Disco engine in an LR90. Couldn't reach the lower right bolt without removing the crankcase breather thingy, so took more time fitting, but the result is absolutely fab, engine runs a lot smoother. Definitely going for the boost pin now too!! :-) BTW, in there was only 1 spring in this fuel pump.
Well worth the money
from Anonymous on 28/07/2017
Easy to fit and a noticeable improvement. in the 40 to 60 mph range the 90 keeps accelerating.
A+ product
from Anonymous on 27/07/2017
Great product !, ease of install but would have liked that you supplied 2 o rings to eliminate using 1 old one that could possibly leak . Does what it says
Very happy with the results
Good product works well
from Anonymous on 26/07/2017
I've had the boost pin fitted for a couple of years now after fitting the pin my land rover did smoke a fare bit but after seeing the comment about the boost ring stopping the smoke a good bit I thought I'd give it a go, I must admit I had trouble getting the bolts on my pump undone but once I had the ring was easy to fit, once fitted I gave the landy a blast up the road a lot of the smoke had gone I am please lol.
Spoke to Neil at kelmarsh show about tweaking things a bit more so hopefully once I get it sorted it will be 100% perfect
I'd recommend the boost ring to anyone
Thanks Paul
very good improved rev range gave better driveability
from Anonymous on 24/07/2017
Works really well .has extended gear range somewhat and has removed some smoke from the boost pin and adjusted pump I'm running .happy to recommend this product
from Anonymous on 10/07/2017
I fitted a boost pin a few months back to my 300tdi discovery, and noticed a vast improvement of power to my very sluggish truck ..
Then I was notified by neil that they also sold boost rings. Not knowing anything mechanical about cars and engines and that sort of stuff .. neil started to explain about how things work and how it would improve my trucks performance a bit more .
This I had too do so I purchased a boost ring from fourby.
Neil went thru my fuel system and fuel set up to make sure it was performing to its best so once the boost ring was fitted the difference would be noticeable..
Well WOW what a difference it made .. totally transformed my trucks power
The difference is night and day ...
I would recommend these quality products to anyone wanting better power performance from their truck ..
Thanks guys for a great product yet again and all the help and advice given from you
Atb Matt
Very Good
from Anonymous on 07/07/2017
Simple to fit took about 20mins, Wow, what a difference!