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Quick Fist Tiller Arm/Paddle/Oar Mount

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Made of heavy duty transportation grade rubber, these clamps are not affected by hot or cold climates and are UV resistant. Much better than bungee cord, webbing or strops which are liable to become weathered and weak over time.

Holds objects 1" to 2.25" (25mm to 57mm) in diameter

Mounts easily to keep tiller arms, kayak paddles, dinghy oars, shovels, axes, hoses, rifles/shotguns, fishing gear and other tools or implements securely in place.

Use on Narrow boats, Cruisers, caravans, work vehicles, off road trucks, military equipment, law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, 4x4s, ATVs, RVs or on any wall.

Can also be used as a pipe stand-off (particularly suitable for marine applications, as the QUICK FIST will not rust or corrode). Do not use on exhaust pipes.

Each clamp supports approximately 22lbs (10kilos).

To use the Quick Fist Clamp

1. Use #10 bolt or screw to fasten. Do not over tighten.

2. QUICK FIST can be mounted with the strap facing in any direction.

3. To Clamp: put the tool or implement into the jaws. With both of your thumbs on the strap, push strap to reach the desired tightness. Repeat

4. For certain applications, like roof racks with round tubing, you can install the QUICK FIST clamps using hose clamps. Make sure you center the hose clamp on the plastic washer to avoid cutting into the rubber clamp

These are great for use as a Tiller Arm Mount on a Narrow Boat or as Paddle Holders for your Kayak, Canoe or Dinghy. 


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