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Ghillie Kettle Cook Kit

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LandyLubber brings to you the ultimate accessory kit for your Ghillie Kettle
The Ghillie Kettle Cook Kit (Please note that this listing for the kit does not come with the pot support)
This kit enables your Ghillie Kettle to become duel purpose. Not only will it boil water rapidly, it will enable you to cook up some yummy food using the same heat source. 
Economic, compact & beautifully hand-spun aluminium, this kit comprises of:
1 x Deep Cooking Pot
1 x Deep sided Frying Pan
1 x Pot Clamp Handle
1 two-piece rack
The kit can be used directly on top of the kettle using the pot support to sit on the neck, thus supporting your cooking pot. Alternately, you can use the grill pieces to fit snugly inside the base section (where the fire goes) and cook directly on top of that. Either way, this kit is a brilliant alternative to gas or petrol stoves.
Perfect for Camping, Scout Outings, Outdoor adventures in your 4x4, Hiking, Fishing and much more! 
We absolutely love the Ghillie Kettle range and we're sure you will too! 
We also sell the complete kit with pot support and the pot supports on their own. 


Product Note Status Price
Ghillie Kettle 1.5 Litre Adventurer Ghillie Kettle 1.5 Litre Adventurer
£44.99 *
Ghillie Kettle Pot Support for Cook Kit Ghillie Kettle Pot Support for Cook Kit
£8.49 *
Ghillie Kettle 1.0 Ltr Explorer Ghillie Kettle 1.0 Ltr Explorer
£38.99 *
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