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Micro Kettle

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The Fourby Micro Kettle is one for the soloist!

This is one of our favourite products, not least because they are hand spun for us, right here in the UK, but because it is one of the smallest, lightweight, most portable kettles on the market today.

With its British made aluminium double-walled chimney, it is ideal for boiling water for drinks, sterilisation or for re-hydrating food. It also has the additional advantage of being able to use something like a Trangia as an alternative heat source.

Weighing in at approx 370g (13oz), to use the Micro Kettle, simply fill with water prior to use. It holds approx 530ml, which is about a pint (18oz). Then, when required, pull out the stopper, light a small fire in the base and keep the fire fed by topping up with fuel in the open chimney. In only a few minutes, the water will be boiling away nicely. even from very cold.

This is where the Micro Kettle has a unique advantage over its larger competitors on the market?The neoprene jacket allows for wonderful insulation and allows for a great heat-free grip when you want to remove the kettle off the base once boiled. 

The Micro Kettle comes in its own draw-string carry bag.

This Micro Kettle is remarkably easy to use, even in the coldest, windiest conditions. All you need is a handful of twigs (preferably dry), some bracken or moss to guarantee good spread of flame and we always recommend the old ?spark against-Vaseline-on-cotton wool? trick to provide for a great fire starter!!  However, you do not need to carry any fuel with it, just let nature provide you with that!

This aluminium core provides that very excellent heat conductivity and if you enjoy the organic approach to heating water, as opposed to carrying clumsy gas canisters or Meths burners, then this is the kettle that you should be carrying in your backpack or panniers for that outdoor camping, hiking, cycling, fishing trip.

Composition: Aluminium

Dimensions: 19cm (7.5?) tall when base inverted, 24cm (9.5?) when sat on base.

Diameter: 10cm (3.75?)

Fuel: Solid, Eco-friendly, also successfully paired with Trangia, White Box and Evernew spirit burners.


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