Travel Buddy 12v Marine Oven

Travel Buddy 12v Marine Oven

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We loved this little oven so much, we decided to stock them...

Product Description
Fast Food takes on a new meaning with the Travel Buddy. This portable, lightweight, 12 volt oven can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel.
Simply load the Travel Buddy up with pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pizzas, hotdogs or a pre-prepared meal and plug into your car's cigarette lighter socket, set the timer and while you are driving or parked, your meal is being heated or cooked.


- Heat a meal on the move 
- Fitted with a 2 hour timer to protect from battery failure 
- 12 Volt DC 10 Amp 
- Insulated stainless steel 
- Manufactured and designed in Australia 
- 190 degrees celcius+ after initial warm up

External Dimensions
Height 190mm
Width 320mm
Depth 280mm

Internal Dimensions
Height 100mm
Width 265mm
Depth 250mm

- Insulated Steel Body   
- 12 volt DC 10 amp 120 watts 
- Fitted with 2 hour timer 
- Free standing or mounted

Ideal for: 
- 4x4 Activities 
- Camping 
- Tradespeople 
- Transport 
- Caravans 
- Boats 
- Touring 
- Farmers, etc

Please Note: As this unit draws 10 amps, we have found that the female plugs in a number of vehicles are different sizes and without a firm fit, this can cause overheating in the plug. For best results, this unit needs to be hard wired. 

10A is a serious power draw, we suggest a large battery bank if you intend to use this oven while stationary and while not getting charge from the vehicle engine. 

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