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Customer ratings for Fluid Transfer Pump

Fluid Transfer Pump
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Fluid Transfer Pump

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Number of ratings: 39
Average rating: 4.6
Excellent value. Really does the job
from John Kay on 02/05/2022
Filled oil into main gear box , transfer box and front and rear diffs.
Very little spillage and so easy to use.
Saved a lot of hassle and time. Great.
from Ian on 21/06/2020
makes life easier
Very useful kit to have
from Steven Brooks on 27/04/2020
A lot easier to use when under the car, (still need room to pump)no more trying to squeeze the last drop from the original container.Clip on the end of tube stays in place.Also pump will fit on 2 litre plastic milk container.Should have bought one a long time ago.
from Anonymous on 29/12/2019
top quality for price
from steve wood on 29/09/2019
easy to use and solves all problems of trying to top up a landrover diff and transfer box without mess and waste
from Joe fellows on 02/08/2019
Changed discovery 2 gearbox oil with this pump so easy to fill back up would definitely recommend
Good idea.
from Mick Titcombe on 05/07/2019
I got the fluid transfer pump after watching a video on landrover maintenance where one was used to do the gear box and transfer box oils. Unfortunately the one I had did leak oil past the plunger on the return stroke. I phoned Fourby and said about this issue and they said they would send another one. I got the new one next day. So to be fair it is a cheap item but It did the job. Can't fault the service from Foutby . I will use buy from them again.
great product.
from Mal Myers on 18/04/2019
This is the best gearbox oil filler i have used.
Inexpensive easy to use, oil pips don't seal that well but thats a easy fix.
Defiantly rec amend this product.
The pump itself is first class
from Nick Murphy on 18/03/2019
The pump worked very well indeed, my only criticism is that the tube was a bit too flexible, a stiffer tube would be great
Worth every penny though
Very Good
from Paul K on 05/09/2018
Having struggled to replace the the diff oil front and back by squeezing from the 1ltr plastic bottle I got to the transfer box where thers no space to do this. I found the Fluid Transfer Dispenser at Foury.co.uk having seen a youtube video I bought one straight away. It arrived really quickly and having used it now I wish I'd known it sooner, so much easier, quicker and cleaner. Gearbox oil change next.
Excellent bit of kit
from Anonymous on 15/06/2018
Does the job perfectly, no fuss, wish i bought one sooner ,no more mess when filling diffs, or gearboxes.
good quality
from Anonymous on 23/03/2018
Useful to fill the gearbox in my Mariner outboard with fresh oil, recommend it!
from Anonymous on 12/01/2018
Easy to use and well made
Just perfect
from Anonymous on 08/11/2017
Wish I had bought one of these years ago. Other fluid transfer products are very expensive.
This fluid transfer pump from fourby.co.UK is great and also a great price, I will be buying another one - one for the main gearbox and one for the transfer box.
No more messy driveway as it screws straight onto the container.
It also has a retaining clip so the tube won't fall out of the filler hole in gearbox.
Fluid Transfer Pump
from Anonymous on 30/10/2017
This pump is a very handy addition to my barn tools, I have only used it to decant oil from a 20 Gal drum into a smaller container, but it is so much better than struggling with a large slippery drum, with a lot of the oil spilling on the floor, I have yet to re fill my diffs, but I am sure it will make that task a lot less effort than squeezing out of an EP90 bottle !
from Anonymous on 20/09/2017
It made the job so much easier the only problem it didnt reach the bottom of the oil bottle
Oh how I wish I had this a long time ago )
from Anonymous on 05/09/2017
Amazing how easy it pumps even EP90 into transmission.
Making life so much easier.
Not a heavy duty piece of kit, but at this price, very good value.
Highly recommended for the DIY mechanic.
from Anonymous on 28/06/2017
This worked without fault.It made filling up the gearbox a breeze.It attached to a litre and a 5 litre oil bottle and worked effortless on both.
Other stuff to fill now so will be using it again.
Pumps well and quickly
from Anonymous on 22/06/2017
The problem I had with it was that it did not fit the Fuchs 1ltr oil bottle due to too big a lip before the start of the thread. When pumping the oil it started leaking out of the plunger gland on the up stroke. It pumped well and quickly which made filling the differential very easy.
Not yet had time to use it but looks OK.
from Anonymous on 21/06/2017
Access hole on Land Rover transfer box is very tight; with hole barbs this should do it.
Fantastic bit of kit makes changing the gearbox oil so easy and no mess
from Anonymous on 19/06/2017
Fantastic bit of kit makes changing the gearbox oil so easy and no mess
from Anonymous on 06/05/2017
Purchased this product to help with the servicing of my Discovery3. It has already proved its worth. Can thoroughly recommend this product, and this company.Will certainly be back for more.
Top notch.
from Anonymous on 24/04/2017
For transferring fluid this is great.
It just wouldn't fit any of the 5L cans I have so had to search the garage for an old 1L can and even that was wrestle to screw it on squarely and not break it.
Useful part of the toolbox!
from Anonymous on 04/04/2017
Still to use it but looks like it will do the job!
A nice little handy pump.
from Anonymous on 06/02/2017
Makes things a lot easier when transferring fluid across, only used once so cannot comment further.
from Anonymous on 26/01/2017
great for fluid transfer on gearboxes, haven't used for anything else yet.
Great little devise
from Anonymous on 28/12/2016
Does the job of fluid transfer great just be careful when screwing onto bottle could crack
from Anonymous on 19/12/2016
Low cost way of getting oil into diff and gearbox , easy to use works well and not too expensive
from Anonymous on 18/12/2016
Haven't used it yes, but sure it will be OK. See you at Donington.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 18/12/2016
Takes away all the mess and fiddling with funnels and bits of pipe to gain access to gearbox and differential filling points. Plus screws directly to bottle so no more jugs and spills.
from Anonymous on 03/12/2016
Screws straight onto the oil bottle and makes oil changes so much easier when lying on your back under the car, recomended. easy product to use makes.
from Anonymous on 14/06/2016
Makes life a lot easier when undertaking fluid change, especially gearbox and oil replacement.
from Anonymous on 04/06/2016
done just the job epecially when the vehicle is on the ground so easy to use glad i bought it
Not used yet - weather too cold to work outside
from Anonymous on 25/02/2016
None so far - but looks "fit for purpose". Will not have to struggle to get fluids into awkward filling holes any more - EASY!
Good that it can be used with both 1 & 5 litre containers.
from Anonymous on 06/07/2015
I've been looking for something like this for the last 4 years. Much quicker than using the traditional syringe. If its used in a 4.5 litre oil container the container does have to be tipped as the oil level goes down, but not too tricky. Easily refills gearbox, transfer box, overdrive and axles on my Series 3.
from Anonymous on 02/05/2015
fill pipe could do with being longer
from Anonymous on 01/05/2015
does not fit all oil containers, in fact does not fit the gearbox oil ones I wanted to use. but I jammed it on.
from Anonymous on 24/04/2015
Good value and does the trick.
very good best oil pump for the price
from Anonymous on 24/04/2015