Boost Pin by Morgan Hill

Boost Pin by Morgan Hill

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This little pin drops into your fuel pump in replacement of the original.

The ramp angle has been carefully researched giving perfomance gains on 200tdi and 300tdi engines.

Takes 10 minutes to fit. 

Morgan Hill developed this boost pin with his experience as a diesel engineer for Bosch.

It's ramp angle has been carefully calculated for Land Rover engines and the characteristics required for driving a Land Rover.

Be aware of copies which are not made with the same tolerance or incorrect grade of steel. 

Made in Sweden

This is a tuning product. By fitting this, you will elevate the level of tune in your engine. Running higher cylinder pressures will expose any engine weaknesses. Fit this product entirely at your own risk. We recommend fitting an "Exhaust Gas Temperature" guage so that you can monitor your engine and react accordingly.

We have the UK distribution for the Morgan Hill Boost Pin. Trade Enquiries welcomed.

Further Pump Tweaking can be found here



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Boost Ring® - for 200Tdi & 300Tdi Boost Ring® - for 200Tdi & 300Tdi
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