Fourby Hot Water System Assembly

Fourby Hot Water System Assembly

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Introducing you to the Fourby hot water assembly - The ultimate accessory for your Land Rover!

For anyone who works outside next to their vehicle, takes their Land Rover on expeditions, over-landing, camping or green laning for the weekend, this kit provides on demand hot or cold water to provide a comfortable temperature for cooking, washing, showering, or a constant supply of ?quick boil? water for a cuppa! 

Following 2 years of development and testing, this unique water system is now available to those that use their Land Rover for its intended purpose.

The ultimate accessory for the ultimate utility vehicle!

This kit has been tailored to fit the 300 series of diesel engines for the Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Range Rover 

Simple and easy to install, the kit comes pre-assembled ready for bolting straight onto your engine.

Using a high quality and high efficiency heat exchanger, cold water is pumped to the engine bay where it is heated by the engine and then returned to the outlet at a comfortable temperature. 

Imagine taking your Land Rover out knowing that you can wash, or wash up without having to manually boil a pan of water or mess about with solar heating bags. All you need is a hot engine running for hot water!

Engine running = Hot water

Engine off = Cold Water

The system heats the water on demand so if you are near a water source, you can pump straight from that source and have hot water for as long as the engine is running.

On a two week camping trip on the west coast of Scotland, we used this system for cooking and showering. For anyone who has spent more than a couple of nights in a sleeping bag you will know how welcome a hot shower can be!

On a recent trip to Wales we were able to camp right next to a clear Welsh mountain river and using an extension pipe on the pump, we were able to put the pump in the river, pumping water straight out for endless hot water luxury!

What is included in the kit?

  • A high quality engine heat exchanger unit
  • A Landy Lubber evoloution mounting cradle enabling you to bolt the system straight to your Land Rover engine
  • All the necessary pipe work, seals, clips, bolts and fittings.
  • High quality engine heater hose extensions and elbows.
  • Enough fresh water pipe to run from your fresh water tank to your engine bay to the back of your vehicle.
  • A 12v submersible pump to enable you to pump from your onboard tank, jerry can or a river!
  • A ?Missile? Switch to activate the pump and protect the switch and the pump from accidental start up.

The kit will come ready assembled in its mount and can be fitted to the engine in just a matter of minutes with the supplied bolts.

  1. Simply bolt the ready assembled unit to the engine.
  2. Cut through the existing heater hoses.
  3. Install the tee pieces tighten up the clips.
  4. Top up your engine cooling circuit.
  5. The fresh water pipes can then be easily routed along the chassis rails or though the cabin to a tank, pump and your choice and location of outlet.

 Please note, the mounting kit utilises the OEM mounting position on the timing case of the 300TDi engine. On some Land Rover models this mounting position is utilised for an air conditioning compressor. On models fitted with Air Con, an alternative mounting position can be found on the inner wing but will involve drilling.

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