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The name Trasharoo was given to the product as it is a utility bag that has been designed to carry stuff outside of your vehicle, it is not just a bin bag.
Imported from California it's a high quality, durable product.
Muddy towing straps don't need to go inside the vehicle when wet and muddy,
Wetsuits can be stored away without getting half the beach in your vehicle,
Camping gear can be transported around,
Firewood and charcoal can be stored as well as your BBQ,
When on trips you can store those large multi packs of drinking water,
Big bags of veggies when heading out into the wilderness
Wet walking gear,
Kids toys,
Dirty nappies,
That thing that you forget to put in a vehicle before heading off on a trip that there is no room for...... that goes in a Trasharoo!
Sure put your rubbish in it too and it will stop that embarrassing inconvenience of running around a campsite at 5am when you hear the Fox's or seagulls ripping your bin liners open.




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