Zebra Loop Handle Pot 10cm

Zebra Loop Handle Pot 10cm

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The classic outdoor cooking pot favoured by bushcrafters, campers and explorers worldwide.

A Premium Quality Stainless Steel cooking pot from Zebra of Thailand. Perfect for cooking food and boiling water over an open fire. The Zebra pots have become a firm favourite with Survival & Bushcraft enthusiasts due to the excellent build quality and versatile functionality. The included internal dish can be used for steam cooking, storage or as a plate. Not only is it great for the woods but its great for the kitchen too!

  • Made From Heavy Duty Stainless Steel for superior durability and longevity.
  • Notched Folding Handle & Internal Dish
  • Secure Auto Lock Lid
  • Made In Thailand
  • Brand New & Boxed

Each pot features a unique locking handle which secures the lid and any contents in place.

These Loop Handle Pots are supplied with an internally stored, plate/bowl for steaming or serving food in.

The steel handle/loop can be used for hanging the pot over a fire or heat source.

Note - the plastic lid clips should be removed before the pot is placed on a heat source.

This is the smallest, 10cm version.

Dimensions - 10cm by 10.5cm

Capacity - 0.7 litre


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