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100AH Lithium Battery with Bluetooth BMS

We have been using this battery in our setup for a while now to evaluate it and learn about its capabilities in real life scenarios. We can honestly say its amazing. So much so that we are now stocking them 

The power reserve in this battery is like some alien technology, We run our 12v oven like we are on mains power!

These premium Prismatic cell batteries come from 'Stirling Power' one of the leading UK trusted suppliers of battery technologies and are warrantied for under bonnet applications

The bluetooth BMS gives real time feedback via a phone app about the state of charge and current flow inside the battery, the battery is lightweight and will deliver 100% of its quoted power (unlike Lead Acid @50%)



Battery Capacity               100 Ampere hour (100Ah) | 1280Wh

Nominal Voltage              12V

Battery Chemistry            LiFePO4 Chemistry - Prismatic cells

Series Limit                         4 (48V bank)

Parallel Limit                      Infinite

Dimensions and Weight     33.0Lx 21.5H x 17.0W (cm) - 13KG

Operating Temperature                Charge - 0'C to 60'C // Discharge from -20'C to 60'C

Operating Voltage           13.6V (4S x 3.4V)

Charge Voltage 14.2V-14.6V, 14.4V recommended

Float Voltage     13.4V-14.0V, 13.8V recommended

Max Continuous Charge Rate      0.7C (70A)

Max Continuous Discharge Rate       1.5C (150A)

BMS Features

  • Bluetooth interface for battery information
  •  Low temperature battery disconnect (0'C for charge, -20'C for discharge)
  •  Over voltage disconnect (14.8V or above on input)
  •  Low voltage disconnect (Individual cells below 2.7V, battery voltage of 10.8V)
  •  Cell imbalance disconnect (Cell voltage differential of above 0.3V)
  •  Automatic cell voltage balancing
  •  Over current disconnect protection
  •  Short circuit protection

Operational Quiescent Current  10mA

Standby Quiescent Current          0.1mA

E Marking            E13 - 10R00-10R05-14430-00

Charge Curve     Constant Current / Constant Voltage - CC/CV

Terminals            M8

Warranty             5 years


Unfortunatley we cannot post these outside of the UK


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