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5 Way Axle and Gearbox Breather or Wading Manifold Kit

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Do you take your Land Rover through water, either via a ford, through flood areas or river crossings via a greenlane? If yes, we would strongly recommend that you fit extended breather pipes to stop the water getting into your axles and gearbox.

We supply this kit specifically for Land Rovers, but it would fit any 4x4 that has adequate space in the engine bay. The push fit connectors allow you to easily extend your breather pipes and the self drilling screws allow mounting of the manifold in minutes. The manifold: is beautifully designed to accept your extended pipes from both axles and gearbox/transfer box and allow a single pipe to be routed up to the top of your snorkel.

This manifold assembly has been precision machined with an all aluminium construction to avoid corrosion.

It comes supplied with mounting screws which are both self tapping and self drilling. The pneumatic fittings are sealed with PTFE for full waterproofing.

The hex head screws were carefully selected to compliment the overall design of the manifold as well as ease of installation.

The pneumatic fittings supplied will fit the standard 6mm o/d pipes.

What comes in the kit? 

  • 1x LandyLubber aluminium hexagonal Manifold, mounted to a backing plate
  • 2x Stainless steel self drilling/self tapping screws
  • 4x Pneumatic elbows, (2 for the axles, 2 for the gearboxes)
  • 5x Pneumatic elbows
  • 10m of nylon pneumatic hose (colour may vary)

How do I fit the kit?

Fitting a manifold is simple:

1. Mark out two punch marks at 40mm centres and use a power drill to drive in the supplied self drilling screws.

2. Undo the screws and re-attach with the manifold in position.

3. Once fitted, push in your pipes and run a single pipe up to the top of your snorkel.

4. Starting at the back axle choose whether you will a) Extend the existing pipes (the easy way) or b) Replace the pipes (more time consuming).

a.  If you opt for the easy way, just plug a connector onto the existing pipe and connect to a new pipe length to your manifold.

b. To replace the pipes, remove the banjo unions and cut off the existing pipe. Clean the banjo union so it is free from fluid/debris and press fit the new pipe to it. TIP: Before you do this, heat the new pipe in boiling water to soften it. This makes it easier to press it onto the hose tail.

Route the pipe back from the manifold to the axle or gearbox, secure the pipe, cut to length at the manifold and push fit.


When considering breathers and kits, do take some time to consider the following...

Your main gearbox takes 5 litres of MTF94 @ about £35 (R380)

Your Transfer box and Axles combined need approx. 6 litres of EP90 @ about £20

A single deep water crossing can contaminate £55 worth of oil and once the oil is contaminated, exaggerated deterioration of all these components is guaranteed.

A Fourby Breather Kit eliminates this problem in one go! 


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