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200Tdi Engine Timing Case Breather Kit

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200TDi Timing Cover Breather Kit
Suitable for all 200TDi Engines
Machined from H30 Grade Hard Aluminium plate, this kit is a straight replacement for the pump timing cover.
It has a PTFE sealed integrated breather for deep water crossing for when you have your wading plugs in.
The supplied round stainless steel button head screws compliment the overall design of the breather. 


By balancing the air pressure between the inside of the timing case and the atmosphere, it helps prevent water from sucking into the timing case through the crank seal, damaging the timing belt and idlers during deep water wading.
The Kit comprises of:
  • 1x Timing case cover
  • 1 x fitted elbow
  • 3x Stainless Steel Button Head Machine screws
  • Length of Pneumatic Nylon Pipe 
  • 1 x push fit Y connector for easy splicing into your existing breather pipework
It takes just five mintes to fit, simply swap for your existing pump cover and splice into your breather kit.




Please note: 300 and 200 timing covers are NOT interchangable. See our other listing for the 300TDi Version



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