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Universal Steering Wheel Knob

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These steering wheel knobs are designed for easy on-hand steering and increased manoeuvrability. 
Can be transferred from car to car, by clamping easily onto any steering wheel
The free-spinning knob make steering effortless, making them great for use in your 4x4 when tackling tough terrain, during your ATV competition, or simply on the road in your motorhome, disability vehicle or campervan.  
To fit, simply follow these easy steps: 
  • Ensure that your steering wheel has the front wheels set for straight line travel.
  • Then, you need to determine where the most comfortable point is on the wheel for you when going forward in a straight line. No-one else can do this for you, so get in the drivers seat! 
  • Place the knob in this position and install the wheel clamp on it, tightening the bolt hand tight.
  • Once the knob is located for your driving requirements, use a 17mm spanner to tighten so the steering wheel knob does not move freely along the wheel. 



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